Used syntax

//to be fill//


Give help

bzr help

Give help of a command

bzr help //commandname//

Give all available commands

bzr help commands

Working in local branch

Add all new files

bzr add

Add a file

bzr add //filename//

Shows the difference in the working tree versus the last commit

bzr diff

Summarize changes in working copy

bzr status

Commit (local) all changes (include remove files)

bzr commit -m '//message//'

Temporarily set aside some changes from the current tree. (see: bzr help shelve)

bzr shelve [[//filename//]]

Inter branch working

Commit changes the the server (one of below)

bzr push s
bzr push s --remember
bzr push

Update from the server (one of below)

bzr pull s
bzr pull s --remember
bzr pull

Update (needed after pull)

bzr update

Merge two branches

bzr merge //branchfrom//
# resolve conflict ...
bzr commit -m 'merge from //branchname**


Show history of changes

bzr log

Differences between revision

bzr diff -r//revisionnb1//..//revisionnb2//

Create a project

bzr init-repo [[//path//]]
bzr init [[//path//]]

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