For the work on the software-radio, we have two versions of the FPGA:

which is the standard off-the-shelf version, that works for SIG_COMPLEX_ICS and SIG_S16
which is used for the GPS SIG_COMPLEX_S16

Both of these modes can be programmed using a simple Tool. This can be found in the directory FPGA. If all you want is to reprogram the FPGA, here is how to proceed:

  1. cd into the directory
  2. ./compile
  3. program :
    • for the GPS-version:
      ./program gps
    • for the standard-version:
      ./program std

Of course, if you want to switch back and forth between versions, you don't have to enter the “./compile”-command every time.


The kernel-module to talk to the ics554-card
The actual programmer for the FPGA
The Application Programming Interface, the glue between Module and Program
The include-files necessary

All these files are nearly identical to the software delivered on the ICS-CDs of the software-development pack. The only change has been done to the Program, so that it accepts the command-line switches and doesn't wait for a key.

Testing the version

Before running the radios it is a good idea to verify the version of the program in the FPGA. This can be done by running the following program:

make test

This will tell you whether the actual program supports either STD or GPS mode.

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