Implementation of the BLAST system

Recently, MIMO techniques attracted lots of attention. One technique, which theoretically achieves channel capacity in MIMO systems, is called BLAST (Bell Labs Layered Space-Time). The original Blast used a cyclic association of data streams, called layers, with transmit antennas, thereby producing an “averaged” channel which is the same for all layers. Difficulties in the realization of the original Blast led to a modified architecture where each layer is associated with a certain transmit antenna.

The goal of this project is to study and implement the BLAST system on the Software Radio (SR) platform available in our laboratory. At the present moment we have implemented several MIMO algorithms on the SR platform and we want to compare the performances of the BLAST system with the current implemented techniques.

Full references about the BLAST project can be found at

This project is available for 1 or 2 student(s) (preferable 2).

Prerequisites (1 is not important, 5 is very important):

  • Communication theory: 4
  • Programming in C: 4

Project status: accomplished.

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