Decode 802.11 broadcast packet

802.11 is everywhere today. You find it all over the campus, more and more in the city and in recreational places, too. But how does it work? What are the basics? The goal of this project is to delve a bit in the 802.11 protocol and try to interact with one or more basestation here on the campus.

Using the software-radio, it is possible to receive 802.11 signals and interpret them. As the protocol is very complex, the goal of this project is to catch a broadcast packet from a 802.11 basestation, and to extract all available information.

Prerequisites (1 is not important, 5 is very important):

  • Communication theory: 5
  • Programming in C: 4
  • Transmission protocols: 3

First part: interact at 1.1MB, done

Second part: extending to other speeds, postponed.

Contact St├ęphane Brunner for any information.

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