Stationary Distributions of Markov Chains

(This project is taken by Imad Khalfi for Spring Semester 2008-2009)

The aim of the project is to study numerically the stationary distributions of a given family of Markov chains, with the hope to be able to deduce analytic expressions for these. The application of this problem is the study of the ergodic capacity of time-varying ISI channels or equivalently that of uplink cellular channels. No prior knowledge in this field is required in order to perform the project. On the contrary, the project should be viewed as an opportunity to learn a new field as a bonus.

The student should be at ease with probability (Markov chains in particular) and Matlab programming.

[1] N. Levy, O. Somekh, S. Shamai and O. Zeitouni “On certain large Jacobi matrices with applications to wireless communications”, preprint.

Dr. Olivier Lévêque (LTHI) * Email: * Office: INR 132 * Tel: 38112
Dr. Nicolas Macris (LTHC) * Email: * Office: INR 134 * Tel: 38114

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