One-bit Quantization for MIMO Communication


MIMO is a physical layer technique, thoroughly treated in the literature, that uses multiple antennas at the transmitter and the receiver to multiplex several streams of data and transmit them simultaneously. Application of the technique to wireless networks requires the study of settings where the receive and/or transmit antennas are not co-located. In this project, we suggest to study the setting where a transmitter with multiple antennas wants to communicate to a final destination with the help of several relays, each having a single antenna. The relays are quantizing their observations and forwarding them to the final destination over fixed capacity links. It has been shown that vector quantization at the relays preserves the multiplexing gain of the MIMO system.


The question that will be addressed in this project is whether it is possible to preserve the multiplexing gain of the system by performing scalar quantization at the relays, one-bit quantization in the extreme case.


* Solid background in probability and analysis
* Information theory


[1] A. Sanderovich, S. Shamai, Y. Steinberg and M. Peleg, “Decentralized Receiver in a MIMO System”, 2006 International Symposium on Information Theory, Seattle, USA, July 2006.
[2] O. Dabeer, J. Singh, and U. Madhow, “On the limits of communication with one-bit analog-to-digital conversion”, IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications, Cannes, France, July 2006.


Ayfer Özgür (LTHi) * Email: * Office: INR-036 * tel: 3 7525

Supervisor: Prof. Emre Telatar

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