Completed Projects:

Fall Semester 2015
Single-handed no-eyes Universal Input Device (LCM) - Bachelor Semester Project
Chord keyboard (LCM) - Bachelor Semester Project

Spring Semester 2015
Energy-Efficient and Reliable Transmission Mechanisms for Low-power Networks (LCM) - Master Project (Industry) by Su Li
Collecting network statistics using flying robots (LCM) - Master Project (EPFL) by Alexandre Sarfati
(LCM) - Bachelor Semester Project
(LCM) - Maser Semester Project

Spring Semester 2014
Study of Advanced Receiver Techniques for Future Generation Mobile Communications Systems (LCM) - Master Project (Industry) by Elie Najm
Modem for powerline communication on high-voltage lines (LCM) - Master Project (Industry) by Fintoiu Ioana
S simulator implementation (LCM) - Master Project (Industry) by Mohamad Baker Dia
DTN and transport layer communication between UAVs (LCM) - Master Semester Project
Noise canceling with normal Headphones (LCM) - Master Semester Project
Disruption-tolerant Networking for flying ad-hoc network (LCM) Master Semester Project

Spring Semester 2013
Multi-terminal compressed sensing (LCM) - Maser Semester Project
Optimized MSE estimation (LCM) - Master Semester Project
Enhance routing algorithms for flying ad-hoc network (LCM) - Master Semester Project
Android App for single handed keyboard (LCM) - Bachelor Semester Project
Topics in Network Information Theory (LTHI) - Master Semester Project
Multiple access channels capacity under maximum error probability criterion (LTHI) - Master Semester Project

Fall Semester 2012
(LTHC) - Master Semester Project by Ehsan Valavi

Spring Semester 2012
Single-Handed No-Eyes Universal Input Device (LCM) - Master Semester Project by Benjamin Hardy Diggory

Abilis research project (LCM) - Master Project by Dewan Akshat

Fall Semester 2011
Joint Optimization of Signaling, Modulation and Coding for Finite Field Multi-Carrier Systems (LCM) - Master Project by Denis Filimonov

Spring Semester 2011
Polar Code Constructions (LCM) - Master Semester Project by Saeid Sahraei
Abilis research project (LCM) - Master Project by Liu Zhang

Fall Semester 2010
Input Device (LCM) - Bachelor Semester Project by Loïc Gardiol

Spring Semester 2010

Simulation of a Stochastic Evolution of Biparttite Graphs (LTHC-LTHI) - Bachelor Project by Lionel Martin
Single - Handed Keyboard Implementation on IPhone (LCM) - Master Semester Project by Emrah Tas
Polar codes for the AWGN channel (LCM) - Bachelor Semester Project by Guillaume Deleplanque

Fall Semester 2009
Development of Matlab Demos to Supplement Principles of Digital Communications (LCM) - Master Semester Project by Denis Filimonov

Spring Semester 2009
Is Diversification Always the Best Way to Minimize Risk? (LCM) - Master Semester Project by Izadi Mohammad Hamed
Handheld Typing Device (LCM) - Master Thesis by Pakzad Pooya
Universal Decoder (LCM) - Master Thesis by Pulikkoonattu Rethnakaran
Competition of Wireless Service Providers (LCM) - Master Semester Project by Chan Yu-Chen
The Input Device of the Future (LCM) - Master Semester Project by Bayrakçi Erinc
Simulation of a Stochastic Evolution of Biparttite Graphs (LTHC-LTHI) - Bachelor Project by Assad Navi
Stationary Distributions of Markov Chains (LTHI-LTHC) - Bachelor Project by Imad Khalfi
Portfolio Optimization and Information Theory (LTHI-LICOS) - Master Semester Project by Mohamed Amine Zahar
On Pricing Barrier Options (LTHI) - Master Project by Murielle Ange Tiambo
American options - pricing methods and hedging strategies (LTHI) - Master Project by Reda Boutaleb

Fall Semester 2008
Facebrowsing on Facebook (LICOS) - Bachelor Project

Spring Semester 2008
Option pricing in illiquid markets (LTHI) - Master Project by Karim Cherif
Modele de Black & Scholes et effet de la correlation sur les prix des options (LTHI) - Master Project by Reda Boutaleb and Taoufik Tazi
Development of an Efficient Software (LCM) - Master Semester Project by Tarniceriu Adrian Dan

Fall Semester 2007
One-bit Quantization for MIMO Communication (LTHI) - Master Project by Tu Ge
Portfolio Optimization via Probability Estimation (LTHI) - Master Project by Alexis Touon
Asian Basket Options & Cliquet Equity Structured Products (LTHI) - Master Project by Mohamed Tlemcani
Development of an efficient software GPS receiver (LCM) - Master Project

Spring Semester 2007
The Input Device of the Future (LCM) - Bachelor Project

Academic Year 2005/2006
Implementing a GPS receiver in Matlab (LCM) - Master Project
Introduction au calcul stochastique (LTHI) - Master Project

Academic Year 2004/2005
Decoding a 802.11 Broadcast Packet (LCM)
Implementation of a GPS Receiver as a Software Radio Module (LCM)
Space-Time Codes and the Effects of Correlation on the MIMO Software Radio (LCM)
A Graphical Interface For the Software Radio GPS (LCM)
Communicating with Noiseless Feedback (LCM) - Doctoral School
Digital Downconverter Simulator and Controller (LCM) - MICS Project
Portfolio optimization (LTHI)
Compromis entre debit et delai dans les reseaux mobiles (LTHI)
Mutual information and mimimum mean-square error in Gaussian channels (LTHI)

Academic Year 2003/2004
channel estimation (LCM)
A Layer 2 Implementation for the Software Radio (LCM)
Implementing Graphical Description of Wireless Systems (LCM)
Development of a Kalman Filter for the Software Radio (LCM)
Coding over Graphs (LCM)
Portfolio optimization (LTHI)
Multi-antenna Gaussian channels and random matrices (LTHI)
Ad-hoc wireless communication networks and mobility (LTHI)

Academic Year 2002/2003
Stop the Software Radio (LCM)
Software Radio - Decoders (LCM)
Implementing a Layer 2 for the Software Radio (LCM)
Introduction to Multicarrier Communication (LCM)
Short Optimal Codes (LCM)
Good LDPC Codes for Broadcast Channels (LCM) - Doctoral School
Neural Communication (LCM) Doctoral School
Implementation of Additional Function to the FUI for the Software-Radio (LCM)
Discrete-time universal portfolios with transaction costs (LTHI)
Theorie du portefeuille universel en temps discret et continu (LTHI)
The Grenander-Szego theorem for large Toeplitz matrices (LTHI)

Academic Year 2001/2002
An Introduction to Kalman Filtering (LCM)
Communications Toolbox in Matlab (LCM)
Multi-antenna Systems (LCM)
Implementations of additional function to the GUI for the Software-Radio (LCM)
Portfolio optimization with transaction costs (LTHI)
The capacity of wireless networks (LTHI)
The Wigner's theorem for large random matrices (LTHI)

Academic Year 2000/2001
Blind Interference Cancellation Techniques in UTRA-TDD down-link (LCM) - Doctoral School
Channel models for multi-antenna systems (LCM)

Academic Year 1999/2000
Multi-antenna systems I (LCM)
Coding for Gilbert-Elliot Channels (LCM)
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) System Evaluation (LCM)
Development and Evaluation of Algorithms for Real-Time Signal Processing (LCM)
Developing Optimized MMX Routines for Spreading and Scrambling in a UMTS System (LCM)

Academic Year 1998/1999
A Graphical Viterbi Decoder (LCM)
Smart Antennas (LCM) - Doctoral School
Distributed Antennas for Cellular Wireless Communications (LCM)

Winter and Summer Semesters 1998/1999
Rate-Splitting Multiple-Access Applet
Equalization Applet
A Graphical Sum-Product Decoder Java-applet
Stripping Multiuser Detector Demonstrator
Decoding Demonstrator
Digital Interfacing (LCM)
Software Radio Front-End Demonstration (LCM)
Broadcast Channel (LCM) - Doctoral School
Multi-Antenna Systems (LCM) - Doctoral School

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