A Selected List of Talks of Tutorial Nature and Lecture Notes

Polarization Codes and the Rate of Polarization, (Emre Telatar and Erdal Arikan), Slides

Phase Transitions in Coding, Communications, and Inference
Tata Institute, Mumbai, 01/06/2009 (Andrea Montanari and Ruediger Urbanke):
Part 1 (pdf,key), Part 2 (pdf)

Modern Coding Theory: The Statistical Mechanics and Computers Science Point of View
(Andrea Montanari and Ruediger Urbanke) (pdf)

Modern Coding Theory: Slides, figures, and solutions manual
(Ruediger Urbanke) (see https://ipg.epfl.ch/doku.php?id=en:publications:mct)

Coupled Graphical Models and their Thresholds, (Hamed Hassani, Nicolas Macris and Ruediger Urbanke), Slides

Random Matrices and Communication Systems (Olivier Leveque), Lecture Notes

Stochastic Calculus, Part 1 (Olivier Leveque), Lecture Notes

Stochastic Calculus, Part 2 (Olivier Leveque), Lecture Notes

Markov Chains (Olivier Leveque), Lecture Notes

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