Here is what you should do. Admissions to the PhD program are done by a committee and not by individual professors. Therefore, as a first step, please fill out the application forms. You can find them and much more useful information here. Make sure you stay within the deadline. Based on past experience, roughly 10% of the applicants are admitted.

At around the same time you submit the application form you can send us an email alerting us to the fact that you applied. Please specify your background, what labs and topics you are interested in, and attach a CV. This can help when we are browsing the large list of applicants to give our input to the committee. We are typically looking for people with strong analytical skills. Due to the large number of emails we receive, please do not expect an answer.

The best applicants will be given a fellowship from the department for a year. During this time, they can perform research projects with various labs until they have decided which lab they want to join. The remaining applicants are payed directly by a particular lab from the start. During the first year you have to pass a qualifier, take some classes, and perform 2 research projects which hopefully are the starting point for your PhD. Good luck with your application!

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